For Civil Registry applications (REPORT OF MARRIAGE, REPORT OF BIRTH and REPORT OF DEATH), FORMS MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN.   Handwritten forms will not be accepted.   You can fill-up the forms online before printing.


       Effective 12 March 2020, all civil registry applicants are highly encouraged to send their applications for Reports of Birth, Marriage and Death by mail. 


Report of Marriage

Report of Birth

Affidavit of Delayed Registration

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Legal assistance is also extended by the Consulate General for  recently-arrived temporary or immigrant based Filipinos who have work-related issues with their employers.   They may call the ATN officer, at (312) 583-0621, extension 121, or contact the Office of the Labor Attache, based at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. directly at (202) 467-9425.


For particulars, please contact

    Phone:   (312) 583-0621
Fax:   (312) 583-0647
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